Stacey Barelos in the recording studio next to three keyboards.
Photo by Marco Delgado of Bemis Center

Music Lessons

Study music with Dr. Stacey Barelos, a globally recognized music educator with over two decades of both collegiate and private instruction experience.


Explore musical creation with an instructor whose works have been performed on five continents.


With decades of performance and recording experience, I can help to elevate your piano skills or explore the instrument for the first time!


Adept in teaching theory at all levels — K-12, collegiate, and adult education — I offer a comprehensive understanding of music theory, tailored to your proficiency level.

Academic Credentials: Stacey has a DMA Degree in Piano and Composition from the University of Wisconsin with over twenty-five years of teaching experience at all levels.


"Stacey has been able to put me at ease and “meet me where I’m at” in my learning process. She is genuinely interested in my progress and shows a keen ability to share her comprehensive knowledge of both theory and the instrument to help me move forward with my goals. I am truly enjoying the entire experience — I feel extremely fortunate to have Stacey as my teacher and guide."
"My music theory classes have helped me immensely. Before I started taking theory I was exposed to music theory in a disjointed, complex language that made no sense. Now my music theory has a solid foundation with new concepts built logically on that foundation. The instructor is fun and generous with her time. She provides corrective feedback when necessary and answers all questions with great thought and care."